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Disponible Teile, 2012 (detail)

Disponible Teile, Installation with archive

CHERT Berlin, 2012


Disponible Teile was put up during the lecture performance harmless entrepreneurs (2011), and restaged at CHERT Berlin during the Skalitzer 68 summer programme.


Printed and dyed cotton pieces both reflect repetition and improvisation in painting process and refer to the specific historic narrative of German efforts to invade the Ottoman textile markets with home-industrially produced products. The cotton and metal pieces were put in place in sculptural acts during the lecture performance, their precarious arrangement refers to unexpected moments of improvisation and makeshift solutions within the construction of the Baghdad Railway, a continental route of transport, which was financed by Deutsche Bank during the early 20th century.


Together with the provisional structures, an archive on the Baghdad Railway complex is shown in the space.


Installation: painted and dyed cotton 80 x 145 cm and 450 x 140 cm, cotton objects, steel, rubber, string, audio


Archive: c-prints on paper, 100 x 300 cm each


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